Wildlife at Valley View

One of the main reasons that Kate and myself decided to purchase Valley View Cottages was the potential it had for us to improve the 3 acres for wildlife and to try and share with our guests our love and passion for wildlife.

Red Kite above the cottages

There are lots of great habitats around the cottages. The woodland next to the cottages has been present on site since at least the 1600’s and is classed as Ancient Woodland. It is full of mature trees and a scrubby under-story, great for the wildlife that inhabits it. In the gardens we have a wonderfully mature pond with lilies, iris, reeds and all the specialist wildlife these support. By the wood we have an orchard and below that, next to the wood, the wonderfully untidy bramble scrub which is so important for nesting birds.

One habitat that we wish to increase is areas for pollinators such as wildflower meadows. Starting this spring we will be sowing native wildflower seeds and fine grasses into the sward around the cottages and allowing them to grow. This will over time, provide a wonderful resource for pollinators and we hope to hear the happy buzz of bees around the wildflower areas later in the summer. Look out for further updates and videos as we share with you the changes we are making for wildlife. If you visit us and would like a guided tour, please just ask as we will be happy to show you around the grounds and talk to you about how you can improve things for wildlife

Wildflower meadow created at our last property