Stepping into Autumn….

Well another summer over. Blimey, we had no idea that business would continue to come in like it has. We have had a full up September and October has also been pretty much full, with every cottage occupied at some point. The change from weekly bookings to shorter stays starting in October, has certainly required upping the brain power and washing powder!

The weather here in Pembrokeshire has certainly been varied. Old Ophelia certainly gave us a scare, bringing down part of our oak tree onto the new shed – bright side being how well our wood burner will be stocked over the next few winters. We have Davydd returning soon to trim up and take down a few other trees about the property. Its still quite difficult to make the decision to take down trees but there are still some that are quite unhappy like they are, so we have to be cruel to be kind plus we like the sky and some of them are still so big they create too much shade and stop other plants and shrubs growing. The temperature has been quite mild over October and actually it has produced some quite stunning sunny days, unlike September which was a bit of a wet lettuce!

We can honestly say, once again, that we have met some amazing people….. and dogs, over the season. In fact we had our first cat to stay a couple of weeks ago, wandered around the garden, no trouble at all! Valley View is also a great place to bring your dog if they are nervous of fireworks, so we have our usual returning couple and some new guests to stay the coming weekend as its very very quiet here – nice to be of service!

November is looking a little quieter, phew, so we will have some time to make some minor repairs and touch up a few marks on the walls etc, although most of our time will be taken up in our own little house…..its a kitchen refurb on the way!! For family and friends who have visited, all have appreciated that its a little dark in here, so we are planning some building work to knock a ‘window’ through from our lovely sun room, along with painting the cupboards(hmmmmm wonder whose job that will be) and the beams, all helping to brighten and modernise. New double oven, hob and cooker hood too – I will be forced to bake even more cake now, dear dear!

Christmas and New Year also both full, so better get re-potting those little trees from last year so they are ready for the decorations!

We have decided to close in January for a much deserved break. We are off to Kerala for a few weeks, very much looking forward to that!!! Quite a bit of prep yet to do though, to ensure we can listen to our messages, accept and process bookings etc but no doubt the wifi where we are going will probably work quicker than the ‘quaint and rural’ version we have here!!!!

So thanks to all of you that have visited this year and supported our business in any way that you can. We can honestly say its exceeded expectations and although at times we have been a bit tired, we would not change it for anything!
Diolch yn fawr
Clare and Chris