Spectacular Night Sky at Valley View Cottages


As a couple of city slickers, one of the most wondrous aspects of living at Valley View Cottages is the almost complete lack of light pollution. This enables us to see the dark sky in all its glory.

Over the summer we removed or switched off the flood lights around the property, installed by the previous owners and replaced them with low level, solar lights. These lights are motion sensitive and timed, as well as pointing down to the ground (where you need to see!). The result has been that although you can still navigate safely around the site after dark, you retain much more of your night vision and if you stand still for a few seconds the lights switch off and the stunning dark, starry sky reveals itself.

Many of our guests comment on how long it has been since they were last in a place so dark and having been born and raised in a city I can understand, it was almost impossible to escape the orange glow of street lights; as you left one town behind, another would appear.

All our cottages are equipped with cosy fleece blankets so why not wrap up and step outside and marvel at a sight many of us rarely get the chance to look at. You could even download a star gazing app for your smartphone or tablet to help you identify more stars.

If you would like to like to know more about the stars, planets and constellations, here is a link to a handy guide.