Search for a campsite pt 3.

If you haven’t read “Search for a campsite parts 1 and 2 you might like to now as they explain how we got to this point.

After the failure to find a way to buy Abermarlaise campsite we continued to look for business opportunities and noticed a couple of holiday businesses that were not campsites but still had the potential to provide us with the new life we were seeking.

Our search had thrown up two, the first being Valley View Cottages, more on that in the next installment. The second was Winllan Farm. This mixed accomodation business near Lampeter had a beautifully converted flat with a balcony with stunning views that was essentially an extension of the owners house. As well as the flat it had two large camping pods and two older style mobile homes. The current owners had also built a large utility building which housed campsite toilets / showers, a laundry and the owners workshop / garage.

We loved the camping pods, the new / modern campsite toilet block and the flat. We weren’t quite so keen on the location (No local pub! Quite a way away from the sea), the owners house (A bit soulless and lacking in character). The one thing that really struck us was how clean and tidy everything was, we like to think we live a well organised life but the owners of Winllan took it to a level I’d never seen before or since.