Owl Cottage has a makeover!!

It was with amazement that our first winter came upon us, yes Valley View Cottages had been our life for nearly a year and the plan for our first winter was to take on a bit of decorating in the cottages. Owl Cottage was the chosen one.  It is very popular with dogs, oh and their owners, so does take a little bit of a battering.  We have even had a couple of little humans  in there this year, the most recent over Christmas, which was very special for us!

On a rainy day, off we went to Cardigan, enthusiastic and a little nervous as we had decided to make a complete change to the colour – was it the right thing to do, will our returning guests still love it like they do now, would it fit the stonework that is a feature in itself, in both the lounge and the bedroom……. we just didn’t know but were determined to go through with our conviction.

The worst bit, as many of you know I am sure, is the preparation.  Whether that is carrying all the equipment from the shed, trying so hard not to forget anything so you don’t have to keep going backwards and forwards or moving the furniture around between rooms, which for those of you that have stayed Owl would appreciate, is not the easiest of jobs as Owl is a lovely cosy place to stay but not to play furniture chess.  It was also quite chilly, as the heating had not been on for a week or two so all in all, the real appeal for that day would have been to lay on the settee, in front of the log burner, watching an episode of The Great Design Challenge but onwards and upwards!

The first issue seemed to be the lack of coverage – there was definitely a need for coat 2 if not 3, daunting, but the colour was looking just the ticket, which helped us get through it. We know our skill set, I am a ‘cutter in’/skirting boarder and Chris loves a ceiling paint plus his height advantage picks the jobs for him, which includes balancing from banister across the stairwell, acrobatic skills! The bathroom paint was much more forgiving and only really needed another quick once over and a bit of touching up the next day, leaving it looking much warmer and brighter.  After quite a long day, contorting into corners and positions i probably had not been in since childhood, we creaked home for some food and a bath to ease the old body and a good sleep ready for day two.

Well, we were pleasantly surprised the next morning.  The colour was perfect, although yes, it did need at least another coat but it was all looking good, complimenting the stone work a treat.  We worked our way around the lounge again and then up into the bedroom, where it was much easier for me anyway.  Shuffling along the skirting board on carpet is much easier on the bottom than laminate floor. It was also the most exciting bit, the feature wall……Sargasso Sea, its over to you! Well, impact or what.  I guess you would call it dark teal/blue, quite different than before but looked luscious and so much more modern! Again, really good quality paint and easy to apply, phew! So all going well, until we opened pot number two of the grey. All looked fine, obviously a bit different as the rest was dry but NO, disaster ……turns out that it was a different shade, regardless of what it ‘said on the tin’.  By this point, a few days in, i just wanted it to be done so this was definitely not what i wanted to happen but Mr Calm just went back down after tea and repainted certain bits and yes, it is much better but i am nipping down tomorrow to give it another bit of attention, as its really annoying when you know about it!!

All in all, the difference is incredible.  We have just added a couple of new bedside lights and lampshade and that’s it, the painting has done the rest. Looking forward to our first returning guest seeing it, as their opinion will count, as guests opinions always do. Its such a lovely little cottage, with a view over the communal garden and field, plus the sound effects from the woods day or night constantly entertains us.  Last night it was a male Tawny Owl calling to his female – a warble we definitely did not think we were aware of before, wonderful!