An idea is born.

I can’t remember when it started, this urge to move out of town and into the countryside. I remember loving living in our Edwardian house in the Southampton suburbs. I loved the fact that we could walk to several great local pubs, live music venues and independent shops. It was great for the kids too; their schools a short walk away, the park right behind our house and all their friends on the doorstep.

I’d always enjoyed the countryside too and felt uplifted after trips out on my mountain bike or walking weekends away in Dartmoor or the Brecon Beacons. Slowly but surely though I began to find the city claustrophobic and loathed the endless traffic and constant noise.

The purchase of a 17 year old Talbot Express campervan prompted my wife and me to look for a house with room to park two vehicles and leave the house we had renovated from a wreck, bought up two lovely children and had endless excellent parties in.

We moved out of the city into a “village” five or six miles out of town into a great house backing onto fields with access to fields and woods nearby. It was still a house in a street of houses with neighbour’s houses just a few feet away on each side.

With the children grown up but not yet moved out we started to “escape to the country” more and more often in the campervan. The van was traded in for a newer, better insulated motor home to allow year round trips away and then Milo the Jack Russell cross found us one Christmas.


Our beloved van, so many great trips out!

Now Milo was a townie, he’d do anything to avoid stepping in mud or puddles but gradually grew to embrace his weekend walks and was soon charging through muddy patches up to his belly and diving into any water he could find.


Milo the Jack-Russell cross – quite a character!

Our frequent trips away in the van slowed our pace of life down; we started reading more, playing cards in the evening instead of flopping in front of the telly. We also started to seek out quieter and more remote sites.

There must have been an initial conversation about wouldn’t it be nice to stay here on site longer and not have to pack up drive home and get ready to go back to work on Monday morning but I can’t remember the actual weekend. This lead to us thinking about running a campsite and never having to pack up and leave! What a great idea eh?