An intro to my furniture painting passion!

Well maybe its time for me, Clare, to add a bit of a blog too and mine will be all about my love for updating, painting and generally twiddling with, old furniture and other crafty things, depending on my mood!

It started a couple of years ago and quite frankly, apart from painting a few lounges and hallways over the years, I had no idea that I possessed this ability. Just typing about it now, I get an excited feeling running through me, strange I know but there are some beautiful bits of furniture out there, some of which need a little tinkering and others need a full blown makeover but whatever happens, its a wonderful feeling when you have a completed the task and know you’ve listened to that bit of furniture and done the right thing to it…. hopefully.

I think it was our friend Sue Scott who started it by going on an Annie Sloan painting workshop and telling me all about it and of course painting her first few items of furniture. I thought I would just give it a go and it seemed the first few items I painted were actually ok. Went on to doing a bit of stencilling, soon fell in love with sticky back vinyl and probably relieved B&Q and the like, of my body weight in wallpaper samples! I kind of tried different things, always used Annie Sloan chalk paint as its very forgiving and have waxed and varnished too. Sold a few bits over the time, which always gives me mixed feelings – great that someone likes my work as much as I do of course but sometimes just sad to say goodbye to it! Chris has been so patient, putting up with random chairs and tables hanging around, let alone saving glass jars, bottles and cans for the other arty farty stuff I like to do.  Yep, painting and decorating bottles and jars is another little sideline along with covering tins in card (inside and out) which make great storage items, candle holders or just something nice to look at!

Most of my stuff, when I lived in that there ‘ampshire, came from ebay local pickups or Gumtree but to be honest up here, particularly in Cardigan I can hardly contain myself.  Not only is there an abundance of lovely stuff but its sooo cheap! Even Chris has been bitten by the bug a bit so we visit our couple of fave shops once a week to check out stock and so far I have painted two lovely cabinets – one for Red Kite Lodge to keep all the games and books in and one for our kitchen, which will hopefully start the ball rolling for a gradual makeover in the farmhouse, which has been a bit neglected due to the business calling obviously…. I would like to, eventually, give all the cottage bedroom furniture a paint to rid them of the rather too orange pineness but patience is a virtue, hmmmmm….

So here are a few examples, the first three I have done since being here. Once I have downloaded a few other pictures, yes super speedy fibre optic broadband is yet to show its face, I will post them for you to see too! If you like what you see, I would be more than happy to update a piece of your furniture for you!

From bad ....

From bad ….

.... to better

…. to better

Kitchen cupboard before

Old school ….

Kitchen cupboard done

Farmhouse kitchen ready, also displaying my new obsession with old coloured glass!


Loving the inside most!

Loving the inside most!